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A Book Apart Publishing On Web Typography (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:49 9.4M
A Book Apart Publishing Responsible Responsive Design (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:50 8.2M
A Book Apart Publishing You’re My Favorite Client (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:50 889K
AMACOM Fail Fast or Win Big, The Start-up Plan for Starting Now (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 22:46 1.3M
Addison-Wesley Core Java for the Impatient (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 22M
Addison-Wesley Effective Python, 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 12M
Addison-Wesley Ethics for the Information Age 6th (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:44 8.6M
Addison-Wesley Fundamentals of Web Development (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:44 104M
Apress A Practical Guide to TPM 2.0, Using the New Trusted Platform Module in the New Age of Security (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 5.1M
Apress Advanced Actionscript 3, Design Patterns 2nd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:36 5.1M
Apress Advanced Negotiation Techniques (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 2.6M
Apress Agile Software Development with HP Agile Manager (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 7.8M
Apress Android Quick APIs Reference (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:11 2.9M
Apress Android Recipes, A Problem-Solution Approach for Android 5.0 4th (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:50 6.2M
Apress Beginning Amazon Web Services with Node.js (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 11M
Apress Beginning Android Wearables (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 6.8M
Apress Beginning Apache Cassandra Development (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:36 10M
Apress Beginning JSON (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 7.6M
Apress Beginning Java 8 Games Development (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:41 44M
Apress Beginning Node,js (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 22:57 6.7M
Apress Beginning Photo Retouching and Restoration Using GIMP (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 22:50 30M
Apress Beginning RPG Maker VX Ace (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:45 15M
Apress Beginning SQL Server for Developers 4th (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:45 26M
Apress Beginning Scala 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 17:58 3.6M
Apress Beginning Swift Games Development for iOS (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:32 6.1M
Apress Beginning iPhone Development, Exploring the iOS SDK 7th (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:41 19M
Apress Big Data Made Easy, A Working Guide to the Complete Hadoop Toolset (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:36 15M
Apress Business Intelligence with SQL Server Reporting Services (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:34 11M
Apress C Quick Syntax Reference (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 22:07 1.0M
Apress Custom SharePoint Solutions with HTML and JavaScript, For SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:34 13M
Apress Data Scientists at Work (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:34 2.2M
Apress Database Systems, A Pragmatic Approach (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:45 48M
Apress Disruption by Design, How to Create Products that Disrupt and then Dominate Markets (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:43 2.7M
Apress Embedded Firmware Solutions, Development Best Practices for the Internet of Things (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 5.6M
Apress Energy Efficient Servers, Blueprints for Data Center Optimization (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 6.8M
Apress Everyday Computing with Windows 8.1 (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 22:49 8.6M
Apress Experience Skype to the Max, The Essential Guide to the World’s Leading Internet Communications Platform (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:34 8.3M
Apress Expert Oracle Database Architecture 3rd (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 6.1M
Apress Expert T-SQL Window Functions in SQL Server (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 18:38 6.5M
Apress Exporting Essentials, Selling Products and Services to the World Successfully (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:31 1.7M
Apress Express.js Deep API Reference (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:31 4.7M
Apress Financial Ratios for Executives, How to Assess Company Strength Fix Problems and Make Better Decisions (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 22:16 1.3M
Apress Hibernate Recipes 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 2.6M
Apress Java Closures and Lambda (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 17:01 1.7M
Apress Learn JavaFX 8, Building User Experience and Interfaces with Java 8 (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:29 18M
Apress Learn SpriteBuilder for iOS Game Development (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:33 11M
Apress Learn Swift on the Mac, For OS X and iOS (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:30 5.4M
Apress Learn iOS 8 App Development 2nd (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:41 29M
Apress MATLAB Graphical Programming (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:38 8.5M
Apress Make a 2D RPG in a Weekend, With RPG Maker VX Ace (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 6.5M
Apress Managing Your Outsourced IT Services Provider, How to Unleash the Full Potential of Your Global Workforce (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:04 1.8M
Apress Mass Customization, Opportunities Methods and Challenges for Manufacturers (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 1.6M
Apress Migrating to Swift from Web Development (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 18:11 6.8M
Apress More iPhone Development with Swift, Exploring the iOS SDK (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:33 11M
Apress Oracle RMAN Database Duplication (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:24 9.6M
Apress PHP Solutions, Dynamic Web Design Made Easy 3rd (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:42 13M
Apress Planning and Designing Effective Metrics (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:42 1.2M
Apress Practical Business Analytics Using SAS, A Hands-on Guide (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:49 19M
Apress Practical C++ Financial Programming (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 18:46 3.8M
Apress Practical Enterprise Software Development Techniques, Tools and Techniques for Building Enterprise Software (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 7.5M
Apress Practical Hadoop Security (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:36 5.3M
Apress Practical Linux Infrastructure (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:37 5.7M
Apress Practical Neo4j (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:37 11M
Apress Practical Salesforce.com Development without Code, Customizing Salesforce on the Force.com Platform (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:42 15M
Apress Pro Android Games 3rd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:49 9.3M
Apress Pro Design Patterns in Swift (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:02 6.7M
Apress Pro Exchange 2013 SP1 PowerShell Administration, For Exchange On-Premises and Office 365 (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:45 35M
Apress Pro Express.js (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:43 12M
Apress Pro Grunt.js (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:34 4.9M
Apress Pro Office for iPad, How to Be Productive with Office for iPad (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 12M
Apress Pro Python 2nd (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 22:37 5.4M
Apress Pro T-SQL Programmer’s Guide 4th (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:34 24M
Apress Pro iOS Persistence, Using Core Data (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:13 6.8M
Apress R Recipes, A Problem-Solution Approach (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:38 5.9M
Apress Raspberry Pi System Software Reference (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:02 1.8M
Apress Ruby Quick Syntax Reference (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:33 1.2M
Apress SQL Server Integration Service Design Patterns 2nd (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:40 18M
Apress SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns 2nd (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 18M
Apress Software Engineering, A Methodical Approach (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:40 38M
Apress Stripes by Example (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 18:46 6.0M
Apress Success in Programming, How to Gain Recognition Power and Influence through Personal Branding (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:40 3.5M
Apress Sudoku Programming with C (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:28 4.2M
Apress Swift for Absolute Beginners (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:35 15M
Apress Swing for Jython, Graphical Jython UI and Scripts Development using Java Swing and WebSphere Application Server (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 21M
Apress Tax Insight, For Tax Year 2014 and Beyond 3rd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:15 3.3M
Apress The Basics of Financial Modeling (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:36 12M
Apress The Community Manager’s Playbook, How to Build Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:36 2.4M
Apress The Customer Trap, How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Business (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 3.7M
Apress The Introverted Presenter, Ten Steps for Preparing and Delivering Successful Presentations (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 1.3M
Apress The Manager’s Guide to Web Application Security, A Concise Guide to the Weaker Side of the Web (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 22:56 1.8M
Apress The Profitable Supply Chain, A Practitioner’s Guide (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:28 7.0M
Apress Transitioning to Swift (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:28 2.6M
Apress Trust-Based Selling, Finding and Keeping Customers for Life (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:37 2.6M
Apress University Startups and Spin-Offs, Guide for Entrepreneurs in Academia (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:37 2.5M
Apress Valuing and Selling Your Business, A Quick Guide to Cashing In (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:44 2.9M
Apress Visio Services Quick Guide, Using Visio with Sharepoint 2013 and Office 365 (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:44 6.9M
Apress Web Programming with Dart (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:41 17M
Apress Web Standards, Mastering HTML5 CSS3 and XML 2nd (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 22:39 11M
Apress Windows 10 Primer, What to Expect from Microsoft’s New Operating System (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 3.3M
Apress Winning the Institutional Investing Race, A Guide for Directors and Executives (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:48 2.0M
Auerbach Publications A Guide to Publishing for Academics, Inside the Publish or Perish Phenomenon (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:48 6.3M
Auerbach Publications Agile for Project Managers (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:48 2.9M
Auerbach Publications Big Data Analytics, A Practical Guide for Managers (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 9.5M
Auerbach Publications Configuration Management, Theory Practice and Application (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:48 14M
Auerbach Publications Modeling, Evaluating and Predicting IT Human Resources Performance (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 26M
Auerbach Publications Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK 4th (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 31M
Auerbach Publications Software Patterns, Knowledge Maps and Domain Analysis (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 10M
Auerbach Publications Stakeholder Engagement, The Game Changer for Program Management (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 7.1M
Berrett-Koehler Publishers The Resilient Investor, A Plan for Your Life Not Just Your Money (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 1.5M
Butterworth-Heinemann Surveillance and Threat Detection, Prevention versus Mitigation (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 12M
CRC Press Web Security, A WhiteHat Perspective (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 23M
CreateSpace Publishing Building Backbone Plugins, Eliminate the Boilerplate in Backbone.js Apps (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:44 1.5M
CreateSpace Publishing The Amazon Way, 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:47 11M
IT Revolution Press The Phoenix Project, A Novel About IT DevOps and Helping Your Business Win (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:47 8.3M
Imperial College Press Computational Intelligence Applications in Smart Grids (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 5.4M
Lean Publishing MEAN Machine, The Beginner’s Guide to the JavaScript Stack (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 7.8M
Lean Publishing R Programming for Data Science (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 10M
Manning ArcGIS Web Development (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:05 13M
Manning BDD in Action, Behavior-Driven Development for the Whole Software Lifecycle (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:47 13M
Manning Barcodes with iOS (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:51 14M
Manning CORS in Action, Creating and Consuming Cross-Origin APIs (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:33 14M
Manning D3.js in Action (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 13M
Manning F# Deep Dives (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:33 13M
Manning Functional Programming in Scala (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:51 11M
Manning Git in Practice (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:51 6.2M
Manning Hadoop in Practice 2nd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:46 9.5M
Manning Hello App Inventor, Android Programming for Kids and the Rest of Us (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:08 23M
Manning Java 8 in Action, Lambdas Streams and Functional-Style Programming (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:04 5.7M
Manning JavaScript Application Design, A Build First Approach (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:52 5.3M
Manning Neo4j in Action (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:51 8.0M
Manning Node.js in Practice (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:48 7.3M
Manning PowerShell in Depth 2nd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:46 15M
Manning Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists, Creating Music with ChucK (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:07 12M
Manning Soft Skills, The Software Developer’s Life Manual (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:45 14M
Manning Spring in Action 4th (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:52 8.6M
Manning The Responsive Web (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:51 13M
McGraw-Hill Osborne Java EE 7, The Big Picture (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:50 19M
Microsoft Press .NET, Architecting Applications for the Enterprise 2nd (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:50 30M
Microsoft Press Adaptive Code via C#, Agile Coding with Design Patterns and SOLID Principles (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 34M
Microsoft Press Azure SQL Database Step by Step (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 46M
Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-246 Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 31M
Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-247 Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 12M
Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-342 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 28M
Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-411 Administering Windows Server 2012 R2 (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:50 28M
Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-413 Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure Mcse (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 92M
Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-414 Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 19M
Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-417 Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 13M
Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 72M
Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-481 Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 28M
Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-688 Supporting Windows 8.1 (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 160M
Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-696 Managing Enterprise Devices and Apps (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 34M
Microsoft Press Node.js for .NET Developers (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 4.4M
Microsoft Press Office for iPad Step by Step (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:50 35M
Microsoft Press Scenario-focused Engineering, A Toolbox for Innovation and Customer Centricity (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 60M
Microsoft Press Training Guide Administering Windows Server 2012 R2 (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 63M
Microsoft Press Training Guide Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 R2 Services (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 72M
Microsoft Press Training Guide Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2 (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:53 76M
Morgan Kaufmann Cloud Data Centers and Cost Modeling, A Complete Guide to Planning Designing and Building a Cloud Data Center (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:52 115M
Morgan Kaufmann Emerging Trends in Image Processing, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:52 50M
Morgan Kaufmann Joe Celko’s SQL for Smarties, Advanced SQL Programming 5th (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:30 5.7M
Morgan Kaufmann Reliability Assurance of Big Data in the Cloud, Cost-Effective Replication-Based Storage (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 22:51 3.2M
Morgan Kaufmann The Complete Business Process Handbook, Body of Knowledge from Process Modeling to BPM Vol. 1 (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:50 55M
Newnes PIC32 Microcontrollers and the Digilent ChipKIT, Introductory to Advanced Projects (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:51 71M
No Starch Press Android Security Internals, An In-Depth Guide to Android’s Security Architecture (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 22:36 7.7M
No Starch Press Bitcoin for the Befuddled (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 24M
No Starch Press Black Hat Python, Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 22:48 6.6M
No Starch Press Build Your Own Website, A Comic Guide to HTML CSS and WordPress (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 52M
No Starch Press Eloquent JavaScript, A Modern Introduction to Programming 2d (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:30 4.6M
No Starch Press How Linux Works, What Every Superuser Should Know 2nd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 22:50 5.1M
No Starch Press JavaScript for Kids, A Playful Introduction to Programming (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:34 13M
No Starch Press Lauren Ipsum, A Story about Computer Science and Other Improbable Things (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:37 11M
No Starch Press Rails Crash Course, A No-Nonsense Guide to Rails Development (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:33 2.9M
No Starch Press Ruby Wizardry, An Introduction to Programming for Kids (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:40 8.7M
No Starch Press Statistics Done Wrong, The Woefully Complete Guide (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:16 7.3M
No Starch Press The Book of CSS3, A Developer’s Guide to the Future of Web Design 2nd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:34 9.2M
No Starch Press The Book of PF, A No-Nonsense Guide to the OpenBSD Firewall 3rd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 22:51 5.2M
No Starch Press The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Idea Book, 181 Simple Machines and Clever Contraptions (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:33 39M
OReilly 21st Century C 2nd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:02 5.8M
OReilly App Inventor 2, Create Your Own Android Apps (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 22:47 26M
OReilly Automating Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:09 5.1M
OReilly Badass, Making Users Awesome (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:52 34M
OReilly Blockchain, Blueprint for a New Economy (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 3.2M
OReilly Building Applications with iBeacon (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:44 6.0M
OReilly Building Microservices (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:48 5.8M
OReilly Creative Flash Photography (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:52 100M
OReilly Design Sprint, A Practical Guidebook for Building Great Digital Products (2015) [early release].pdf 5/22/2015 22:21 1.0M
OReilly Designing for Performance (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:33 5.3M
OReilly Designing for Performance, Weighing Aesthetics and Speed (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:34 5.1M
OReilly Developing Web Apps with Haskell and Yesod 2nd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:11 5.1M
OReilly Developing Web Components (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 22:11 2.7M
OReilly Dreamweaver CC, The Missing Manual 2nd (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:52 83M
OReilly Effective Modern C++ (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 3.1M
OReilly Effective awk Programming 4th (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 4.5M
OReilly Elasticsearch, The Definitive Guide (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 6.0M
OReilly Enyo, Up and Running 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 16M
OReilly Field Guide to Hadoop (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 6.8M
OReilly Galaxy S5, The Missing Manual (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 55M
OReilly Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 73M
OReilly Getting Started with Spark Core and Photon (2015) [early release].pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 48M
OReilly Hadoop, The Definitive Guide 4th (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 11M
OReilly High Perfomance Python (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 7.7M
OReilly Introducing GitHub (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 25M
OReilly Introducing Python (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 8.2M
OReilly Introducing iOS 8 (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 55M
OReilly JavaScript Cookbook 2nd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:57 13M
OReilly Java in a Nutshell 6th (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:00 6.3M
OReilly Juniper QFX5100 Series (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 21M
OReilly Lean Enterprise (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 8.8M
OReilly Learning Agile (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:41 45M
OReilly Learning AngularJS (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 4.0M
OReilly Learning PHP MySQL and JavaScript, With jQuery CSS and HTML5 4th (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:33 11M
OReilly Learning Spark, Lightning-Fast Data Analysis (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 7.8M
OReilly Lightweight Django (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:03 4.2M
OReilly Maker Pro (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 101M
OReilly Making Simple Robots (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 53M
OReilly Mastering Bitcoin (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 10M
OReilly Mastering Bitcoin, Unlocking Digital Crypto-Currencies (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:34 10M
OReilly Mastering the Olympus OM-D E-M1 (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 61M
OReilly Mobile and Web Messaging (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 8.9M
OReilly Modern PHP (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:56 8.1M
OReilly Practical Electronics, Components and Techniques (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:18 358M
OReilly Programming Chrome Apps (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 9.9M
OReilly Programming Scala 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 5.7M
OReilly Programming iOS 8 5th (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 11M
OReilly Python for Finance (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:10 11M
OReilly Python for Finance, Analyze Big Financial Data (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:40 13M
OReilly Python for Finance, Analyze Big Financial Data (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:31 10M
OReilly Quickbooks 2015, The Missing Manual (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 35M
OReilly R Packages (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:48 4.6M
OReilly Social eCommerce (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 26M
OReilly Swift Pocket Reference (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 2.2M
OReilly Switching to the Mac, The Missing Manual Yosemite Edition (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 22M
OReilly The Art Science and Craft of Great Landscape Photography (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 128M
OReilly The Connected Company 3rd (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 18M
OReilly The Fujifilm X-T1, 111 X-Pert Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Camera (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 13M
OReilly The Maker’s Manual (2015) [early release].pdf 5/22/2015 23:57 83M
OReilly The Uncertain Web (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 23M
OReilly Thoughtful Machine Learning (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:35 6.1M
OReilly Time Series Databases, New Ways to Store and Access Data (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 14M
OReilly Understanding Context (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 50M
OReilly WordPress, The Missing Manual 2nd (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 51M
OReilly You Don’t Know JS, Async and Performance (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 1.3M
OReilly You Don’t Know JS, Types and Grammar (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 10M
OReilly iOS 8 Programming Fundamentals with Swift (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 5.7M
OReilly iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 24M
OReilly iPad, The Missing Manual 7th (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 37M
OReilly iPhone, The Missing Manual 8th (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:38 47M
Packt Publishing Active Directory with PowerShell (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 3.0M
Packt Publishing Android Studio Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 12M
Packt Publishing AngularJS Deployment Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 3.6M
Packt Publishing AngularJS Test-driven Development (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 14M
Packt Publishing AngularJS Web Application Development Cookbook (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 2.1M
Packt Publishing Apache Flume, Distributed Log Collection for Hadoop 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:01 2.5M
Packt Publishing Apache Hive Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 2.2M
Packt Publishing Apache Solr Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 4.2M
Packt Publishing Apache ZooKeeper Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 2.2M
Packt Publishing ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 13M
Packt Publishing ArcPy and ArcGIS, Geospatial Analysis with Python (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:00 2.8M
Packt Publishing Arduino Android Blueprints (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 5.0M
Packt Publishing Arduino Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 4.6M
Packt Publishing BeagleBone Media Center (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 5.4M
Packt Publishing Blender 3D Basics, Beginner’s Guide 2nd (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 17M
Packt Publishing Blender Cycles, Materials and Textures Cookbook 3rd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 15M
Packt Publishing Bootstrap for Rails (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 4.2M
Packt Publishing Building Mapping Applications with QGIS (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 5.6M
Packt Publishing Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 12M
Packt Publishing Building Web Applications with ArcGIS (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:28 2.4M
Packt Publishing C# Multithreaded and Parallel Programming (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 14M
Packt Publishing Cassandra Data Modeling and Analysis (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:10 5.1M
Packt Publishing Cassandra High Availabiligy (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:10 1.5M
Packt Publishing Cassandra High Availability (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:22 3.6M
Packt Publishing CentOS System Administration Essentials (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:40 4.3M
Packt Publishing Clojure Data Analysis Cookbook 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 2.8M
Packt Publishing Clojure Reactive Programming (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 1.8M
Packt Publishing Clojure Web Development Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 3.9M
Packt Publishing CodeIgniter Web Application Blueprints (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 3.2M
Packt Publishing Continuous Delivery and Devops, A Quickstart Guide 2nd (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:10 6.6M
Packt Publishing Couchbase Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 4.7M
Packt Publishing Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 7.0M
Packt Publishing Developing Mobile Web ArcGIS Applications (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:07 4.4M
Packt Publishing Drush for Developers 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 1.5M
Packt Publishing ElasticSearch Cookbook 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 5.6M
Packt Publishing Elixir Cookbook (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:06 3.5M
Packt Publishing Exploring SE for Android (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 1.4M
Packt Publishing Flask Framework Cookbook (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 2.8M
Packt Publishing FuelPHP Application Development Blueprints (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 2.4M
Packt Publishing Functional Python Programming (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:32 2.2M
Packt Publishing GameSalad Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 6.2M
Packt Publishing Getting Started with Cubieboard (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:58 3.8M
Packt Publishing Getting Started with Electronic Projects (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 4.1M
Packt Publishing Getting Started with Gulp (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 4.0M
Packt Publishing Getting Started with Julia (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 2.3M
Packt Publishing Getting Started with Julia Programming (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 11M
Packt Publishing Getting Started with UDOO (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 2.5M
Packt Publishing Getting Started with Windows Server Security (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 6.5M
Packt Publishing GitLab Cookbook (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 5.3M
Packt Publishing Go Programming Blueprints (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:08 2.8M
Packt Publishing HBase Design Patterns (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:09 4.2M
Packt Publishing HBase Essentials (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:18 1.9M
Packt Publishing HDInsight Essentials 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 8.6M
Packt Publishing Hadoop MapReduce v2 Cookbook 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 3.3M
Packt Publishing Hyper-V Security (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 3.1M
Packt Publishing IPython Notebook Essentials (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:36 2.1M
Packt Publishing Intel Galileo Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 7.7M
Packt Publishing IntelliJ IDEA Essentials (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 6.5M
Packt Publishing Java EE 7 Development with WildFly 2nd (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 5.8M
Packt Publishing JavaScript Security (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:29 2.5M
Packt Publishing Jenkins Continous Integration Cookbook 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 8.1M
Packt Publishing Kivy Blueprints (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 4.2M
Packt Publishing KnockoutJS Blueprints (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 5.1M
Packt Publishing KnockoutJS Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 3.8M
Packt Publishing KnockoutJS Web Development (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 4.0M
Packt Publishing Learning Alfresco Web Scripts (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 22:56 1.5M
Packt Publishing Learning AngularJS Animations (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 22:44 2.0M
Packt Publishing Learning AngularJS for .NET Developers (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:18 2.0M
Packt Publishing Learning Apache Kafka 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:04 2.8M
Packt Publishing Learning Apache Mahout Classification (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 2.4M
Packt Publishing Learning Axure RP Interactive Prototypes (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 4.9M
Packt Publishing Learning BeagleBone (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 3.1M
Packt Publishing Learning Behavior-driven Development with JavaScript (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 2.6M
Packt Publishing Learning Bootstrap (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 4.3M
Packt Publishing Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4 (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 9.9M
Packt Publishing Learning Ceph (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 12M
Packt Publishing Learning Cocos2d-JS Game Development (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:10 1.9M
Packt Publishing Learning Construct 2 (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:10 3.5M
Packt Publishing Learning D3.js Mapping (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 2.2M
Packt Publishing Learning Heroku Postgres (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:08 2.4M
Packt Publishing Learning Highcharts 4 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 15M
Packt Publishing Learning Informatica Powercenter 9.x (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 7.3M
Packt Publishing Learning Internet of_ Things (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 3.4M
Packt Publishing Learning Java by Building Android Games (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 5.3M
Packt Publishing Learning LibGDX Game Development 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 8.9M
Packt Publishing Learning MS Dynamics AX 2012 Programming 2nd (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 8.9M
Packt Publishing Learning NGUI for Unity (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:06 5.9M
Packt Publishing Learning NServiceBus 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:06 2.2M
Packt Publishing Learning Neo4j (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 8.0M
Packt Publishing Learning NserviceBus Sagas 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:08 7.8M
Packt Publishing Learning Raspbian (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 4.7M
Packt Publishing Learning R for Geospatial Analysis (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:56 9.0M
Packt Publishing Learning SaltStack (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 1.2M
Packt Publishing Learning SciPy for Numerical and Scientific Computing 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:07 3.4M
Packt Publishing Learning Selenium Testing Tools with Python (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:06 4.0M
Packt Publishing Learning Single-page Web Applications Development (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 4.8M
Packt Publishing Learning System Center App Controller (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 3.4M
Packt Publishing Learning Unreal Engine iOS Game Development (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 9.4M
Packt Publishing Learning iOS 8 for Enterprise (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 7.7M
Packt Publishing Learning iOS Security (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 6.4M
Packt Publishing Less Web Development Cookbook (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 3.1M
Packt Publishing LibGDX Game Development Essentials (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 4.8M
Packt Publishing Lo-Dash Essentials (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:08 1.6M
Packt Publishing Lync Server Cookbook (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 12M
Packt Publishing Machine Learning with Spark (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 4.6M
Packt Publishing Managing Virtual Infrastructure with Veeam ONE (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 5.3M
Packt Publishing Mastering Apache Maven 3 (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 3.9M
Packt Publishing Mastering BeagleBone Robotics (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 13M
Packt Publishing Mastering Citrix XenServer (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 13M
Packt Publishing Mastering Elasticsearch 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 4.9M
Packt Publishing Mastering Entity Framework (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 3.2M
Packt Publishing Mastering Ext JS 2nd (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 12M
Packt Publishing Mastering Gephi Network Visualization (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 11M
Packt Publishing Mastering Hadoop (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:09 4.4M
Packt Publishing Mastering Hyper-V (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 13M
Packt Publishing Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 1.5M
Packt Publishing Mastering Lumion 3D (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 13M
Packt Publishing Mastering Python Design Patterns (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:14 2.1M
Packt Publishing Mastering SQL Server 2014 Data Mining (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 6.8M
Packt Publishing Mastering Scientific Computing with R (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:12 4.0M
Packt Publishing Mastering Splunk (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:15 7.9M
Packt Publishing Mastering System Center Configuration Manager (2014).pdf 5/23/2015 0:11 4.6M
Packt Publishing Mastering Unity Scripting (2015).pdf 5/23/2015 0:13 8.4M
Packt Publishing Mastering Wireless Penetration Testing for Highly Secured Environments (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:41 12M
Packt Publishing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization Essentials (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:41 11M
Packt Publishing Microsoft Hyper-V PowerShell Automation (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:12 5.5M
Packt Publishing Mockito for Spring (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:27 1.4M
Packt Publishing Moodle Gradebook 2nd (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 3.7M
Packt Publishing Neo4j Essentials (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 1.9M
Packt Publishing Neo4j High Performance (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:37 1.9M
Packt Publishing Node.js Design Patterns (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:37 3.0M
Packt Publishing OpenCV for Secret Agents (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:38 6.1M
Packt Publishing OpenJDK Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:22 4.3M
Packt Publishing OpenLayers 3, Beginner’s Guide 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 16M
Packt Publishing OpenVZ Essentials (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:41 2.4M
Packt Publishing Orchestrating Docker (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:20 2.0M
Packt Publishing Penetration Testing with Perl (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:24 3.0M
Packt Publishing Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 9.7M
Packt Publishing PhoneGap for Enterprise (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 2.3M
Packt Publishing PhpStorm Cookbook (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 6.4M
Packt Publishing PostgreSQL Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:05 2.2M
Packt Publishing PostgreSQL Developer’s Guide (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:18 1.6M
Packt Publishing PostgreSQL Server Programming 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 2.0M
Packt Publishing PowerCLI Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:37 4.6M
Packt Publishing PowerShell for SQL Server Essentials (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:27 8.6M
Packt Publishing Power Up Your PowToon Studio Project (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:30 11M
Packt Publishing Programming Arduino with LabVIEW (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:29 3.0M
Packt Publishing Puppet Cookbook 3rd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:24 3.4M
Packt Publishing Puppet Essentials (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 2.0M
Packt Publishing Python Penetration Testing Essentials (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:34 3.2M
Packt Publishing Python Programming for Arduino (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:34 12M
Packt Publishing Python for Google App Engine (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:34 2.6M
Packt Publishing R Data Visualization Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:18 3.5M
Packt Publishing R High Performance Programming (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:05 1.7M
Packt Publishing Raspberry Pi Gaming 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:30 5.3M
Packt Publishing Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 17:52 2.7M
Packt Publishing Raspberry Pi Mechatronics Projects HOTSHOT (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 18:45 5.8M
Packt Publishing Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:40 6.5M
Packt Publishing Responsive Media in HTML5 (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:37 3.5M
Packt Publishing Responsive Web Design with AngularJS (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:37 3.2M
Packt Publishing R for Data Science (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:37 2.8M
Packt Publishing SFML Essentials (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:26 2.5M
Packt Publishing Salesforce CRM, The Definitive Admin Handbook 3rd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:40 14M
Packt Publishing ServiceStack 4 Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 3.8M
Packt Publishing SignalR Blueprints (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:26 4.2M
Packt Publishing SoapUI Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:24 6.0M
Packt Publishing Solr Cookbook 3rd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:34 2.6M
Packt Publishing Splunk Essentials (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:26 4.2M
Packt Publishing Spring Batch Essentials (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 1.7M
Packt Publishing Swift Essentials (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:24 3.9M
Packt Publishing Testing with F# (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:29 4.0M
Packt Publishing Unity 2D Game Development Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:32 8.4M
Packt Publishing Unity 3D UI Essentials (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:20 6.7M
Packt Publishing Unity AI Programming Essentials (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:34 4.8M
Packt Publishing Unity Game Development Blueprints (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:39 12M
Packt Publishing Unity Game Development Scripting (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 1.7M
Packt Publishing VMware vRealize Operations Performance and Capacity Management (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 8.7M
Packt Publishing VMware vRealize Orchestrator Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 18:11 9.4M
Packt Publishing VMware vSphere 5.5 Cookbook 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 18:26 21M
Packt Publishing Vagrant Virtual Development Environment Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 7.6M
Packt Publishing Web App Testing Using Knockout.JS (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 22:26 1.6M
Packt Publishing Web Application Development with Yii 2 and PHP 3rd (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:37 4.7M
Packt Publishing WebRTC Integrator’s Guide (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:35 9.5M
Packt Publishing WiX Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:34 8.4M
Packt Publishing Windows Server 2012 R2 Administrator Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:27 5.6M
Packt Publishing Xamarin Essentials (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:34 3.8M
Packt Publishing Xcode 6 Essentials (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:34 3.4M
Packt Publishing Yii Project Blueprints (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:35 2.8M
Packt Publishing iOS Game Programming Cookbook (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 9.7M
Packt Publishing scikit-learn Cookbook (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:38 2.7M
Pearson Education Publishing Java How to Program, Early Objects 10th (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 15M
Pearson Education Publishing Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals 4th International Edition (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:36 16M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Arduino, A Quick-Start Guide 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 29M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Build an Awesome PC 2014 Edition, Easy Steps to Construct the Machine You Need (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 7.1M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Build iOS Games with Sprite Kit, Unleash Your Imagination in Two Dimensions (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:40 7.7M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Dart 1 for Everyone, Fast Flexible Structured Code for the Modern Web (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:33 3.2M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Learn to Program with Minecraft Plugins, Create Flaming Cows in Java Using CanaryMod 2nd (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:40 18M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Mastering Clojure Macros, Write Cleaner Faster Smarter Code (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:39 2.0M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Metaprogramming Elixir, Write Less Code Get More Done and Have Fun (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:39 4.2M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Metaprogramming Ruby 2, Program Like the Ruby Pros (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:40 14M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Metaprogramming Ruby 2, Program Like the Ruby Pros 2nd (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:41 14M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java 8 with JUnit (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:40 5.3M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Programming Elixir, Functional Concurrent Pragmatic Fun (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:36 3.6M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Programming Google Glass, Build Great Glassware Apps with the Mirror API and GDK 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:35 9.6M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeeks, When Threads Unravel (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 4.4M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing The Cucumber for Java Book, Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:17 3.5M
Pragmatic Bookshelf Publishing The VimL Primer, Edit Like a Pro with Vim Plugins and Scripts (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:37 4.1M
Prentice Hall Swift for Programmers (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 18M
Rosenfeld Media Managing Chaos, Digital Governance by Design (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 8.7M
Rosenfeld Media Practical Empathy, For Collaboration and Creativity in Your Work (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 18M
SAS Publishing Bayesian Analysis of Item Response Theory Models Using SAS (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:29 4.9M
SAS Publishing Developing Credit Risk Models Using SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS-STAT, Theory and Applications (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:28 9.7M
SAS Publishing Introduction to Regular Expressions in SAS (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:25 3.0M
SAS Publishing JMP 12 Scripting Guide (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:35 4.6M
SAS Publishing JMP 12 Specialized Models (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:21 2.7M
SAS Publishing JMP Essentials, An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for New Users 2nd (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 27M
SAS Publishing SAS Certification Prep Guide, Advanced Programming for SAS 9 4th (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:41 8.5M
SAS Publishing Test Scoring and Analysis Using SAS (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 9.1M
SAS Publishing The Essentials Guide to SAS Dates and Times 2nd (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 4.6M
SAS Publishing Using JMP 12 (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:32 6.6M
Semantic Studios Intertwingled, Information Changes Everything (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:18 3.6M
SitePoint Full Stack JavaScript Development with MEAN, MongoDB Express AngularJS and Node.js (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:48 2.1M
SitePoint HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:16 7.0M
Springer Publishing Advances in Architectural Geometry 2014 (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 19M
Springer Publishing Agile, The Good the Hype and the Ugly (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:22 6.3M
Springer Publishing Artificial General Intelligence, 7th International Conference AGI 2014 Quebec City Canada (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:34 4.9M
Springer Publishing Audio Watermark, A Comprehensive Foundation Using MATLAB (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:35 7.8M
Springer Publishing Big Data and Analytics, Strategic and Organizational Impacts (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:36 4.8M
Springer Publishing Bilevel Programming Problems, Theory Algorithms and Applications to Energy Networks (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 5.9M
Springer Publishing CAD 3D Modeling Engineering Analysis and Prototype Experimentation, Industrial and Research Applications (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:41 13M
Springer Publishing Chipless RFID, Design Procedure and Detection Techniques (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:32 7.6M
Springer Publishing Counterfeit Integrated Circuits, Detection and Avoidance (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:22 9.4M
Springer Publishing Cybercrime, Digital Forensics and Jurisdiction (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 3.1M
Springer Publishing Data Structures and Algorithms with Python (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:39 13M
Springer Publishing Fusion of Smart Multimedia and Computer Gaming Technologies, Research Systems and Perspectives (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:39 7.4M
Springer Publishing Handbook on Business Process Management 2, Strategic Alignment Governance People and Culture 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 19M
Springer Publishing Internet Addiction, Neuroscientific Approaches and Therapeutical Interventions (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:29 5.6M
Springer Publishing MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences 4th (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 21M
Springer Publishing Open Source Geospatial Tools, Applications in Earth Observation (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 25M
Springer Publishing Programming Smalltalk Object-Orientation from the Beginning, An Introduction to the Principles of Programming (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 17M
Springer Publishing Security Issues in Mobile NFC Devices (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:22 9.2M
Springer Publishing Space Modeling with SolidWorks and NX (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 49M
Springer Publishing The Scrum Culture, Introducing Agile Methods in Organizations (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:37 3.9M
Sybex AutoCAD Platform Customization, VBA (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 4.1M
Sybex CWNA, Certified Wireless Network Administrator Official Study Guide Exam CWNA-106 4th (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:44 17M
Sybex MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 Administration Study Guide Exam 70-411 (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:25 15M
Sybex MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 Complete Study Guide Exams 70-410 70-411 70-412 70-417 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:37 34M
Sybex MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 Configuring Advanced Services Study Guide Exam 70-412 (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:29 12M
Sybex MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 Installation and Configuration Study Guide, Exam 70-410 (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 18M
Sybex MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 Installation and Configuration Study Guide Exam 70-410 (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:36 17M
Sybex Mastering Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:48 35M
Sybex Mobile Computing Deployment and Management, Real-World Skills for CompTIA Mobility+ Certification and Beyond (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:36 28M
Sybex Mobile Computing Deployment and Management, Real World Skills for CompTIA Mobility+ Certification and Beyond (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:41 28M
Sybex The DSLR Filmmaker’s Handbook, Real-World Production Techniques 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 81M
Syngress Publishing Google Earth Forensics, Using Google Earth Geo-Location in Digital Forensic Investigations (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:25 7.9M
Syngress Publishing HCISPP Study Guide (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:31 6.5M
Syngress Publishing How to Attack and Defend Your Website (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 24M
Syngress Publishing How to Defeat Advanced Malware, New Tools for Protection and Forensics (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 4.3M
Syngress Publishing How to Define and Build an Effective Cyber Threat Intelligence Capability (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 3.9M
Syngress Publishing Industrial Network Security, Securing Critical Infrastructure Networks for Smart Grid SCADA and Other Industrial Control Systems 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 19M
Syngress Publishing Optimizing IEEE 802.11i Resource and Security Essentials, For Mobile and Stationary Devices (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:33 3.3M
TidBITS Publishing Take Control of Filevault (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:43 2.0M
TidBITS Publishing iOS 8, A Take Control Crash Course (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:13 5.1M
Wiley About Face, The Essentials of Interaction Design 4th (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:45 31M
Wiley Accounting for Derivatives, Advanced Hedging under IFRS 9 2nd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 3.5M
Wiley Activity Learning, Discovering Recognizing and Predicting Human Behavior from Sensor Data (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 3.6M
Wiley Architecting the Cloud, Design Decision for Cloud Computing Service Models SaaS PaaS and IaaS (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:45 2.3M
Wiley Arduino Sketches, Tools and Techniques for Programming Wizardry (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 128M
Wiley BeagleBone for Dummies (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 21M
Wiley Big Data Revolution, What Farmers Doctors and Insurance Agents Teach Us About Discovering Big Data Patterns (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 2.0M
Wiley Brain2Brain, Enacting Client Change Through the Persuasive Power of Neuroscience (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 3.7M
Wiley Cable Networks, Services and Management (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 6.6M
Wiley Coding for Dummies (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 22M
Wiley Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 3.8M
Wiley Customer Analytics for Dummies (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 14M
Wiley Data Science for Dummies (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 21M
Wiley Facebook Marketing for Dummies 5th (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 77M
Wiley Foundations of Coding, Compression Encryption Error Correction (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 2.6M
Wiley From Big Data to Smart Data Vol. 1 (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 1.9M
Wiley Getting a Big Data Job for Dummies (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:40 9.6M
Wiley Getting an Information Security Job for Dummies (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 3.2M
Wiley Google Analytics Integrations (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 5.9M
Wiley Google BigQuery Analytics (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:45 18M
Wiley Graph Analysis and Visualization, Discovering Business Opportunity in Linked Data (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 127M
Wiley Industrial Security, Managing Security in the 21st Century (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:48 3.4M
Wiley Innovations in Satellite Communication and Satellite Technology (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 6.3M
Wiley Java All-in-One for Dummies 4th (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:43 16M
Wiley JavaScript and JQuery, Interactive Front-End Web Development (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:40 92M
Wiley Lean Auditing, Driving Added Value and Efficiency in Internal Audit (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:40 4.0M
Wiley Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible 3rd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 17M
Wiley Machine Learning in Python, Essential Techniques for Predictive Analysis (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:50 13M
Wiley Mobile Learning, A Handbook for Developers Educators and Learners (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 3.1M
Wiley NoSQL for Dummies (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 3.3M
Wiley Phishing Dark Waters, The Offensive and Defensive Sides of Malicious E-mails (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:48 12M
Wiley QuickBooks Online for Dummies (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:27 19M
Wiley Reliability Maintainability and Supportability, Best Practices for Systems Engineers (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:47 3.1M
Wiley Security Intelligence, A Practitioner’s Guide to Solving Enterprise Security Challenges (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:49 22M
Wiley Swift for Dummies (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 19:31 23M
Wiley The Art of Memory Forensics, Detecting Malware and Threats in Windows Linux and Mac Memory (2014).pdf 5/22/2015 23:41 27M
Wiley The Project Manager’s Guide to Mastering Agile, Principles and Practices for an Adaptive Approach (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 3.5M
Wiley iPad All-in-One for Dummies 7th (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 67M
Wiley iPad mini for Dummies 3rd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:44 42M
Wrox Press Beginning Java Programming, The Object Oriented Approach (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 65M
Wrox Press Beginning JavaScript 5th (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 36M
Wrox Press Beginning Software Engineering (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 31M
Wrox Press Beginning Spring (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:34 14M
Wrox Press Professional ASP.NET MVC 5 (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 23M
Wrox Press Professional Android Wearables (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:45 29M
Wrox Press Professional C++ 3rd (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:40 18M
Wrox Press Professional Team Foundation Server 2013 (2014).pdf 6/12/2015 20:37 31M
Wrox Press Professional WordPress, Design and Development 3rd (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:41 54M
Wrox Press Web Development with jQuery (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:42 30M
XML Press Enterprise Content Strategy, A Project Guide (2015).pdf 6/12/2015 20:29 5.4M
i30 Media Corporation Excel Basics in 30 Minutes 2nd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:51 8.5M
i30 Media Corporation Google Drive and Docs in 30 Minutes 2nd (2015).pdf 5/22/2015 23:51 5.9M



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