7 ways Gen Zs and millennials are drastically different

I remember the first time I could use the internet on a phone. My dad’s Blackberry could pick up some insanely slow data during a visit to New York City, allowing us to research tourist attractions without sitting at a computer. I was 13, and we were both in awe.

But my younger cousins were able to spend most of our family gatherings on their parents’ iPhones. They had Instagram accounts in elementary school. I barely knew what a social network was at their age.

The majority of teens told Business Insider in a recent survey that technology is what sets them apart from millennials, who are now in their 20s and 30s.

“For Gen Z, this tech is all we ever knew about and has been in our lives since we were babies,” New York resident Isabel Lagando, 14, told Business Insider.

Margaret Bolt, a 15-year-old from North Carolina, said that’s made her generation more impatient.

“Everything in our generation is immediate,” Bolt told Business Insider. “Since we have been raised in an age where texts and messages can be sent in the blink of an eye, we are less patient than other generations because we are used to having instant gratification.”

Virginia resident Maddie Martin, 19, said communication for her generation is utterly different, as well.

“We communicate through social media and texts, which changes the dynamic of communication,” Martin told Business Insider.

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