An insanely difficult new game from the creators of ‘Dark Souls’ has some players demanding an easy mode, but hardcore fans think it would ruin the creator’s vision

Understandably, disabled gamers have also had varying takes on adding an easy mode to Sekiro. Some, liked YouTuber Limitlessquad, felt motivated to show off that their skills in the current version of the game in an effort to prove that “Sekiro” doesn’t need to be easier.

Blind YouTuber and video game accessibility consultant Steve Saylor published a video sharing his view that an “easy mode” would not remove the challenge for disabled gamers who might need it.

“A lot of games we play that may seem easy for you when it comes to your skill level, are extremely difficult,” Saylor said .And when we do get to that point where we do beat the game, or beat a certain challenge. It’s not because it was easier for us, it was still a challenge and… and we want to be able to feel the same way in all of the games that we play.”

Opinions have also varied on what an easy mode would entail for “Sekiro,” whether that would mean features that make the game easier to control, or changes that scale down the difficulty for players who struggle — or some mix of approaches.

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