Apple Watch 3 gains LTE support in India, Taiwan, Denmark and Sweden

The Apple Watch 3 with LTE support has been available in the US, UK and Australia, as well as 9 other countries, since it originally launched in late 2017. After several months of waiting, this carrier-connected model is now landing in four new countries: India, Taiwan, Denmark and Sweden. 

If you live in either of those newly-added countries, you should know that not every local carrier supports the Apple smartwatch. Here are the details:

In India? Reliance Jio and Airtel both support the Apple Watch 3 with LTE, and as 9to5mac notes, it’s no additional cost to add it to your plan. Data used on the wrist just comes out of the allotment of data you regularly pay for.

Buyers in Taiwan have more carrier support, with Taiwan Mobile, FarEsTone3, Telecom3, Chunghwa and APT3 signing on.

If you’re buying Apple’s first LTE watch in Sweden or Denmark, Three is your sole option. 

The next Apple Watch will be a different story

Apple has been a bit slow rolling out its carrier partnerships for the Apple Watch 3 with LTE, but thankfully, it shouldn’t have to start things over with each new watch. Once established, these typically carry on with any new model to come, so long as it’s successful enough to warrant support for.

The Apple Watch 4 is rumored to release later this year alongside the iPhone XI, but could launch as June’s WWDC 2018. The rumors are quite interesting for this one. From smart straps loaded with biometrics and sensors to a larger (potentially circular) display and battery, it could be drastically different, or at least improved compared to the competing best Wear OS watches.

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