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Covert Browsing

Q: Google is tracking everything. Is there a search site that doesn’t record what you search?

A: Yes, Google is tracking everything, and although there are many conveniences – for searching, for connecting, and for finding nearby restaurants – I wouldn’t blame anyone for being concerned about privacy. If you want to be left alone, but you still want to use the internet, there are specific search engines that value privacy above all and are still extremely useful. Tap or click here for three ways to search the web without Google tracking you.

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Reverse Lookup Phone Numbers

Q: How do I find out who owns a phone number? I get calls, but I don’t know who they are.

A: Many people will refuse to answer their phones if they don’t recognize the number. “Let them leave a voicemail if it’s so important,” they say. However, when the caller doesn’t leave a voicemail, it begs the question: Who was it? Could the call have been important? Was it the organizer of a sweepstakes, announcing that you’ve won the grand prize? A physician, letting you know that a loved one is in intensive care? Or is it just another telemarketer hoping to wring some money of you? The solution is straightforward, and once you identify the number you’re looking for, you may find a lot of commentary about it online, especially if it’s a known scammer. Tap or click here to use Google for reverse phone lookups.

Speed Up Internet

Q: Wow! I followed your directions, and my internet is faster just by changing one setting. Now, I want to do it again, but I lost the steps.

A: It’s always great to hear that my advice worked out. Accelerating your internet is something of an art, mainly where Wi-Fi is concerned; sometimes you can move your router around your house, or even move pieces of furniture to “clear a path.” Some people invest in extra equipment, which can enhance the Wi-Fi in your home. In this case, you’re looking for a particular setting in the software that will make the internet run faster. It also requires you to follow some specific steps – and this time, bookmark the page. Tap or click here to change one setting for faster internet.

Great Windows Shortcuts

Q: I use Windows 10, but I feel like a dummy. Do you have any short-cuts that only the pros know?

A: There’s a reason Windows has been the go-to operating system for schools and large companies since the 1980s; it’s inexpensive, and most people can figure out its fundamentals in less than an hour. You’re right, with every new iteration, Windows brings a lot of new tools, and sometimes helpful features can slow you down. Many of us crave those shortcuts that simplify navigation and workflow. Just as you guessed, Windows 10 has made it easy to cut corners, once you know the tricks. Tap or click here for 10 Windows secrets.

Publish on Kindle

Q: I would like to publish a children’s story for the Kindle. Where do I start?

A: Self-publishing has come a long way in the past 20 years, and e-publishing is shockingly easy. Kindle Direct Publishing provides a simple platform with global reach, and it’s pretty much free. Meanwhile, you can change the price of your book whenever you want, make it exclusive to Kindle or distribute it elsewhere as well, and even commission a professional to help with design and marketing. Finally, if you want to revise the book or take it offline, you can do that almost instantaneously. Kindle puts much power at your fingertips, letting you concentrate on the most important thing: writing something good. Tap or click here to publish and profit from your ebook.

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