‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ is coming to Android and iOS this summer. Here’s everything we know so far

As a game designed for smartphones, “Call of Duty: Mobile” relies on touch screen controls. Players will be able to adjust how sensitive their controls are, their overall field of vision, and choose how their phone’s gyroscope is used for aiming.

When set to Simple Mode, the game will unleash a barrage of automatic gunfire whenever an enemy enters your crosshairs, no extra touch required. While this might sound a bit too easy, it will use a ton of ammo and make your shots less accurate due to recoil.

Advanced mode has many more options, including choosing whether you aim down the sights of your weapon or fire from the hip with specific weapons, like a shotgun or assault rifle. Activision says there are 17 sliders for adjusting your aim settings, and even more for other options.

Players will also be able to adjust the position of different on-screen overlays. For example, if you can’t see your ammo count in the corner of the screen, you can move it to the top for easy viewing.

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