Cancer-fighting robots, hacked tax returns, dumping old PCs and more: Tech Q&A

Stop Robocalls

Q: Is there anything that I can do to stop the annoying robocalls promising me free cruises, vacations, and scams?

A: It’s hard to ignore a robocall because we are trained to respond to every single phone call. Sometimes we can ignore those calls; we don’t recognize the number and we don’t know anyone in, say, Kalamazoo. Other times, the number looks familiar, and we decide to pick up, walking into the robocaller’s trap. Even if you never answer a robocall, the endless vibration in your pocket can drive you bonkers. Luckily, there are ways to terminate those robocalls, and that technique includes old-school telemarketers as well. Click here to learn the best ways to stop robocalls for good.

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Nanorobots Fight Cancer

Q: You spoke about the new cancer-fighting nanorobots on your show. It was fascinating! How can I listen again?

A: Thanks for listening, and so glad you enjoyed it! Almost everyone has known someone with a cancer diagnosis, and this breakthrough technology is very exciting for everyone. If you’re a regular listener, you probably know that I tackle a groundbreaking new subject every week on my show and podcasts. I like to think that all of these stories are worth listening to the second time or sharing with others which is why Komando on Demand is such a treat: You can listen to dozens of episodes, whenever you want, for free. I hope you’ll consider subscribing to the podcast, and in the meantime, click here for a quick link to the episode you mentioned.

Russian Tax Hacks

Q: So, now the Russian hackers are after my tax returns. What can I do to make sure that I don’t get hacked?

A: Some hackers like to break into your email and send misspelled messages to your friends with (obviously) malevolent hyperlinks. That type of hacker is annoying, but you can usually get back on track in a couple of hours. In contrast, the Russian hackers you’re talking about are extremely intelligent, and they know exactly how to manipulate the system. Worse, this kind of activity isn’t that difficult to pull off, especially if you’ve made cyber-crime a full-time job. The IRS has already worked out a smart solution; the only catch is that you may have to wait a little while to use it. Click here for ways to file your tax return and evade these hackers.

Finding the Dark Web

Q: I have heard of the Dark Web. How do you actually get there?

A: The Dark Web is pretty easy to access. But beware, the Dark Web is the stomping ground for a lot of unsavory characters, and billions of dollars of illegal activity flows through this network every day. This is not a place for unskilled browsing, and even web-savvy visitors should watch their backs. Click here to learn how to access the Dark Web.

Safely Retire a PC

Q: I am getting rid of my old PC. What’s the best way to remove all my personal files?

A: It sounds so unfair. You’ve worked for years on the same computer, setting up passwords, firewalls, and anti-virus software. You’ve backed everything up, and you’ve secured your Wi-Fi and router. Then, after doing everything right, you thoughtlessly discard of your old desktop – and somebody breaks into the old hard drive and steals your identity. Many clever criminals will scan a retired machine and find a ton of valuable information. Once the device is out of your hands, there’s no telling where it will go. Click here to safely delete data from your PC or Mac.

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