Facebook plans to turn your profile into ‘virtual grave’ when you die

Facebook is adding a new feature for memorialized accounts, which will allow users to leave messages in a ‘Tributes’ section that is separate from the timeline of the account.

The social media giant is describing the new ‘Tributes’ section as “a space on memorialized profiles where friends and family can share memories of a loved one.”

Depending on the privacy settings of a memorialized account, Facebook friends can still write on the wall of its Timeline or comment on any posts the account holder made before they died.


Facebook’s new concept means that if a memorialized account has a ‘Tributes’ section then any posts made after the day the account was memorialized will be placed in this new section.

Facebook users have the option of having designated ‘legacy contacts’ who can manage their accounts after they die.

These ‘legacy contacts’ were alerted to the new ‘Tributes’ feature by a notification today but the feature is not yet available in all areas and Facebook are working to bring it to everyone.

The ‘Tributes’ feature will result in ‘legacy contacts’ having more control over tribute posts than they do over the rest of the account.

They will have the ability to decide which other users can see and post tributes. They will also be able to delete posts and can change who can view posts which the dead user has been tagged in or they may even wish to remove a tag.

The number of Facebook accounts belonging to deceased users continues to grow and will soon outnumber the amount of living users.

Facebook has over two billion users but it is thought more than 10,000 of them die everyday.

Back in 2009, Facebook introduced a feature that enabled accounts to be turned into memorial pages when they die after some users complained that they were being urged to get in touch with their dead friends.

Bereaved family and friends have the option of getting in touch with Facebook if they wish to have the account of a loved one turned into a memorial page, which will remove sensitive information and prevent other people from logging into the account.

DeadHappy is a new company looking to change attitudes towards death. Commenting on the new Facebook feature, DeadHappy co-founder Phil Zeidler said: “We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about death and it’s great to see Facebook encouraging people to have open conversations.

“Our lives are a lot more digital than they ever were before and this new feature will let people to continue to engage with a loved one’s profile after they’ve died and turn it into a memorial.”

This story originally appeared in The Sun.


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