Here are 4 big opportunities Harley-Davidson will tackle in the future (HOG)

In truth, this is a wildcard. Harley has been teasing an electric motorcycle for years, but now the LiveWire project will become a reality, coming to market in 2019.

Like electric cars, electric motorcycles haven’t experienced rapid growth in key markets — the US and Europe. A few brands have gained traction, but the overall market is small.

However, it isn’t declining like the gas-powered market. Additionally, electric motorcycles are easier to deal with than their internal-combustion counterparts; they have “twist and go” capability, so a new rider doesn’t need to learn how to manage a clutch and shifting gears with a foot.

Ideally, motorcycle certification programs in US states will shift their rules to allow new riders to qualify for extra licensing by learning on electric bikes, taking down a major barrier to entry and at least mitigating the slide in new riders that the industry is confronting.

Electric motorcycles should also be poised for growth in Asia, notably China, where the government is backing electrification.

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