I bought a $999 iPhone X eight months ago — and I kind of regret it (AAPL)

iPhone X Hollis Johnson

When I first got the iPhone X, I was over the moon. Now, a little over eight months in, I’m a little less excited.

I mean, it’s fine. You know? It’s fine. I’m not dying to sell it, nor am I going to revisit my brief urges to go to Android. It’s a pretty good phone.

It’s just that, well, for the $999 I paid for it, I was expecting… more, somehow. Every so often, I find myself wishing that I had saved myself a few hundred bucks and picked up the $700 iPhone 8 instead. I don’t wish it enough that it’s worth the hassle of doing something about it, but I can’t seem to let go of this vague sense of disappointment.

To my mind, that reflects poorly on Apple. The company been hyping up the iPhone X as the future of its flagship line of smartphones, to the degree that it’s said to be working on releasing two new versions of the device this September. Maybe those will fix my frustrations. Just as likely, they won’t.

Here’s what I like — and, more importantly, don’t like — about the iPhone X.

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