Jeff Bezos told Amazon execs to consider 3 questions before offering someone a job, and they’re still spot-on 20 years later

Bezos has a penchant for enjoying unique meals; he’s partaken in the occasional sliver of iguana and has even ordered octopus for breakfast.

In 1998, he revealed that he also likes to work with unique people, writing that it’s important to hire candidates with “unique skills, interests, and perspectives that enrich the work environment for all of us,” regardless of whether those traits are “related to their jobs.”

Bezos gave a shoutout to an unnamed Amazon employee who he said was once a National Spelling Bee champion.

He speculated that the person won the 1978 championship, but it was most likely Barrie Trinkle, who won the 1973 competition and worked for Amazon from 1996 to 2001.

“I suspect it doesn’t help her in her everyday work, but it does make working here more fun if you can occasionally snag her in the hall with a quick challenge: ‘onomatopoeia!'” Bezos wrote.

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