Snap beat Wall Street expectations in Q4 2018 and set its stock soaring. Here’s a breakdown of how advertisers are spending on the platform.

Snap impressed Wall Street with its fourth-quarter earnings this week, showing that it’s making more money off users while decreasing its costs at the same time.

Quarterly revenue rose to $390 million from $286.7 million the year prior)and average revenue per user rose to $2.09 from $1.53 the previous year. It narrowed its net loss to $191.7 million from $350 million the previous year.

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The company also touted that its ads reach 70% of 13- to 34-year-olds in the U.S. every month.

Ad sales intelligence platform MediaRadar tracked ads on Snapchat throughout 2018, breaking down buying patterns, size of ad buys, product categories as well as age and gender trends. Among its key findings:

  • More than 1,400 companies ran ads on Snapchat.
  • Most of these advertisers ran one-off campaigns during a single quarter.
  • The top 5 advertisers by spend were Comcast, Mars, AT&T, Adidas, and P&G.
  • Among industries, media accounted for 30% of ad spend on Snapchat, followed by tech (13%) and retail (10%), all of whom accounted for more than half of all ad spend.

“The good news is likely to drive even more interest from advertisers,” Todd Krizelman, CEO & co-founder of MediaRadar said in a statement.

More advertisers are running ads Snapchat, but these may not be reccuring spenders

The frequency with which brands advertised on Snapchat in 2018

In 2018, more than 1,400 brands ran ads on Snapchat, according to MediaRadar.

“Despite some negative headlines, Snapchat saw strong interest from advertisers throughout the year,” said Krizelman.

Snap attributed part of its growth to unskippable ads Snapchat Commercials and Snap Pixel, which it said were both catching on with advertisers. The company’s shift to programmatic is also beginning to stabilize, leading to low CPMs for advertisers, while last year, it wa sleading to cheap prices and hampering its ability to bring in more ad dollars.

Most of Snap’s advertisers, however, ran one-off campaigns during a single quarter, according to MediaRadar. Only 17% of the advertisers spent on the platform for more than two quarters or half of the year. And the most popular quarter among advertisers was the third quarter.

The media, tech and retail industries make up more than half of ad spend on the platform

The industries contributing to Snapchat’s ad spend

The media industry accounted for 30% of ad spend on Snapchat, followed by tech (13%) and retail (10%), all of whom collectively accounted for more than half of all ad spend on Snapchat, according to MediaRadar.

Comcast, Mars, AT&T, Adidas and P&G were the top spenders on the platform.

Food and beverage brands made up 9% of ad spend on the platform.

Lenses, one of Snapchat’s pioneering ad formats, were popular among both consumers and brands.

More than 70% of users played with or viewed a lens every day on average, according to the company. Plus, the Snapchat community created more than 300,000 lenses through the tool Lens Studio, and those lenses were viewed over 35 billion times.

The format stood out among brands too, with 5% of all companies on Snapchat in 2018 running a sponsored lens, according to MediaRadar.

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