Stephen Colbert mocks Infowars’ Alex Jones for getting banned by Silicon Valley ‘soy flakes’

Stephen Colbert on Tuesday mocked Infowars’ host Alex Jones over the news that companies like Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify had kicked his show off of their online platforms this week.

“Why now? Why did this happen now?” the “Late Show” host asked in his monologue. “Alex Jones has been spreading vile conspiracy theories that hurt real people for years. Well, Jones earned this latest scrutiny when he addressed Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller on his show, imitated firing a gun, and said, ‘You’re going to get it, or I’m going to die trying.'”

“OK, that is awful, but it’s actually pretty close to my message to Mueller: ‘You’re going to get him , or I’m going to die crying,'” Colbert joked, in reference to President Trump.

Colbert then brought back a Jones-like character called Tuck Buckford that he debuted earlier this year to parody Jones and InfoWars.

Buckford, host of a show called “Brain Fight,” said he has been facing “similar struggles” to Jones.

“Listen up, Brain Fight nation, the Brain Fighters, the Brain Nation, the skull meat, let’s talk about the elephant in the room,” Colbert’s Buckford said. “The martyrdom of old Tuck Buckford at the hands of Silicon Valley snow boys and soy flakes.”

“It’s a slippery slope,” he continued. “If they can de-platform Tuck Buckford, next thing you know they’ll be coming after me for so-called child support which I ‘owe’ to my ‘ex-wife’ who I ‘miss desperately.'”

Mocking Jones’ pleading with Trump on Monday to fight the “censorship” against him, Buckford added, “President Trump, I need you to do the right thing, all right? Help Tuck. Venmo me fifty bucks, or China will win the midterms.”

Watch the segment below:

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