Tesla has changed its Autopilot package — customers now have to pay more for some features (TSLA)

Tesla has added some Autopilot features to an upgrade package, called “full self-driving capability,” that were previously available in the base package.

A Tesla representative confirmed the changes to Business Insider.

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The new package costs an extra $5,000, and includes features like Navigate on Autopilot (which allows Tesla vehicles to navigate highway on-ramps, off-ramps, and interchanges with driver supervision), Autopark (which allows Tesla vehicles to park with limited driver assistance), and Summon (which allows Tesla vehicles to drive to their owners in parking lots), which were previously available in the base Autopilot package.

The base Autopilot package, which allows Tesla vehicles to steer, accelerate, and brake with driver supervision, costs $3,000, and is required for customers who purchase the “full self-driving capability” package, so the total cost of Autopilot with the upgrade package is $8,000.

Tesla says upgrade package will include “automatic driving on city streets” and the ability for Tesla vehicles to “recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs” later this year.

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