The 14 Most Pointless Video Game Sequels of All Time

Conceptually, Mass Effect: Andromeda should’ve been the most ambitious and, potentially, best Mass Effect game in the series. And maybe it was, at some point. But the product we got at the end of the game’s lengthy development cycle was not that game. Riddled with bugs, technical errors, ugly animations, a lackluster story and a painfully bland rehash of previous Mass Effect games’ gameplay, Andromeda failed to live up to its core concept’s potential: that of exploring the stars in a universe-spanning colonization adventure with literally infinite potential. While in the drawing board phase, the game was going to include space travel, exotic planets and new races, and it was going to build a whole new world with new gameplay, completely redefining the Mass Effect series in the process. Sadly, logistics failed to align, resulting in the derivative, flawed game we got.

Credit: Electronic Arts

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