This gorgeous new racing game isn’t just amazing — it’s the best reason this year to get an Xbox instead of a PlayStation (MSFT)

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Playground Games/Microsoft Studios

Forget about the rest of the year — the biggest Xbox One game of 2018 just arrived: “Forza Horizon 4” is now available.

Like “Forza Horizon 3” before it, “Forza Horizon 4” sets a new standard in the racing genre. It’s more attractive than the last game, it’s got a better flow than the last game, and it’s got the same excellent driving that “Horizon” fans have come to expect.

It is, in many ways, more of the same — but it’s more of something really good.

Playground Games/Microsoft Studios

Whether you’re a fan of games like “Need for Speed,” “Burnout,” “Gran Turismo” or even “Mario Kart,” there’s something for you in “Forza Horizon 4.” That’s because it’s not just the best racing game available — it’s also the most accessible. Better still: It happens to be a great game, regardless of the whole “driving” bit.

Here’s why:

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