We asked the biggest Netflix bull and bear on Wall Street the same 5 questions. Here’s what they said about the streaming giant’s cash burn, competition, and what the other side is getting wrong. (NFLX)

Wlodarczak (Bull): “I’m not very concerned. One of the things you’ve seen with the big tech companies which is other than Amazon, which has done a phenomenal job moving into other business lines, most of these companies’ attempts to move out of their core business have been a disaster.

You remember Google+ and their attempt to go after Facebook. Apple has literally been thinking about doing TV and getting into TV for at least 20 years. They just never have, and I think they’re sort of a day late and a dollar short.

That being said, you can always step back and say, a company with that much cash, they can get into anything. They could over-build the US with fiber, if they wanted to do. The reality is, I think it’s pretty unlikely.”

Macker (Bear): “Apple, specifically, could be a very strong competitor. However, we haven’t seen a sustained push from the company into the space.”

He added that there are “a lot of stories about Tim Cook and other executives sort of meddling within content creation; we think one of the other problems is that Apple may not want more adult or violent or sexually charged content to fall under the Apple banner.

I think Apple could be a strong competitor, but right now, absent any changes in their motivation and their willingness to spend, we don’t see this as a near-term competitive threat.”

He continued: “Nowadays, there are just more and more choices of what we can put on that screen, whether it’s on the TV, at a movie theater, on our cell phone, on our tablet, or on our computer. Netflix and everybody else in the media space and video game space, and Facebook, YouTube, all these guys, are all competing for that screen time.”

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